About Us

Dr. Sean C. Whisler

Dr. Whisler graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry in 1997.  He has been practicing in both Norman and Oklahoma City in both the private and corporate dental settings for those 20 years.  Dr. Whisler has completed courses in implant placement surgery as well as implant restorations.  He also has been a certified Invisalign provider for 10 years as well.

Dr. Whisler loves all aspects of general dentistry.  He will give each patient all the best options available for their situation and help each patient select the best option that meets their individual needs.

Dr. Whisler has a passion for aviation and currently holds his Private Pilot's and working on his Commercial Pilot's license for Helicopters.  He also holds a Commercial license for Unmanned Aerial Systems (or Drones) as well.  Someday when he retires, he plans on flying aerial helicopter tours in Hawaii into the sunset.  

Our Staff

Our staff has some new team members.  As Dr. Whisler has been in practice for 20 years now, he has seen a few staff members in private practice but in the corporate dental world he has seen a wide range of staff members come and go.  One thing he prefers about the private practice setting is that the staff is your work family and the cohesiveness is what makes a great dental office.  We all work as a team and as a unit from the Dentist, Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistants to the Office manager.  This provides the optimal Family Dental care that tends to set our office apart from the corporate chains and larger multi-dentist offices.  We are in essence not only family amongst each other but family to most of our patients and their families.  Our team consists of Laura, our hygienist, Amanda, our office manager and Bailey, our lead assistant.